Individual appointments

You can come to the reception with something that is bothering you, to increase your self-knowledge, to gain an understanding of your experiences or to change something.

We can aim to:
– Strengthen self-compassion
– Increase the experience of meaning in life
– Handle and challenge ways of thinking
– Reduce work-related burden factors
– Increase the use of own resources to overcome challenges

You can also be at a turning point, at a dead end or looking for a new direction. We look at options going forward by looking at your life situation and wishes.

Thoughts and feelings can seem like a jumbled mess and you can not get hold of anything. Unexpected changes, for which you have not had a chance prepare, shake the sense of security and create uncertainty. Let´s discuss handling changes and feelings of uncertainty and look forward together.

The demands of the job can be stressful, and you can not get away from work matters in your free time, or the situations in the work community are stressful. We look at stressors, look for resources to strengthen you and draw up a roadmap forward.

Hope Therapy

Several studies show that hope is related to well-being, life satisfaction and the use of active coping strategies in life crises.

Hope can be seen as individual’s perceived ability to walk certain paths leading to a desired destination. It involves two processes: finding different routes to achieve the goals and the human ability to follow the pathways to the desired future. Hope also helps people stay motivated when walking the path.

Hope Therapy is based on Snyder’s (2002) Theory of Hope, where human beings are seen as goal-oriented. Research has shown that hope-based thinking can be learned.

The goal of Hope Therapy is to increase well-being, strengthen agency and reduce feelings of worry and anxiety.

In Hope Therapy we:
– Identify personally meaningful goals, e.g. by looking at the values
– Look for ways and routes to achieve the goal
– Develop problem solving skills
– Strengthen positive self-talk and improve belief in your abilities

There is scientific research evidence for the effectiveness of Hope Therapy. With the help of Hope Therapy, a significant reduction of depression, hopelessness and anxiety has been achieved. The experience of the meaning of life and one’s own agency has been strengthened by Hope Therapy.

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