We often focus on problems and try to solve them in ways we think caused them. When our solutions do not work, the situation gets even worse and we keep circling around the problem.

In Solution-Focused Brief Therapy exercises, we focus on the present moment and future goals instead of the past or the problem itself. We are especially looking for resources that will help you take a step forward towards your desired goal.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is based on the belief that individuals already have the necessary resources to create change in their lives. SFBT exercises help you identify and develop these existing skills and strengths by searching for the times in your life when the current situation was more manageable. The goal is to get the change process started.


We try to control and avoid negative thoughts and feelings, which often only leads to more of them.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy exercises are based on accepting the fact that surprising and unpleasant things happen in life that we can not prevent from happening. The exercises help you recognise that thoughts and feelings are not the same as yourself, but are just things that happen inside you. ACT aims to help you live a rich, full and meaningful life while dealing with the unpleasant things that inevitably come your way.


We often interpret situations, our feelings and thoughts in ways that begin to affect our behaviour. We start avoiding different situations as well as getting disturbing thoughts and feelings.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises look at how thoughts, feelings and behaviour are related to each other. The exercises help you take a closer look at your belief systems and create alternative and healthier perspectives. CBT aims to help you achieve your desired goal both emotionally and behaviorally.

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